Bestseller Aquamagic Set

The easiest way to activate by just one purchase is to buy the Bestseller Aquamagic kit! When buying a kit, you immediately make monthly activation of 50 units.

The kit includes the top positions of the leading Aquamagic line. The set will help every housewife to appreciate the main line of Гринвей cloths and ensure their effectiveness and uniqueness.

The Bestseller Aquamagic kit includes 9 products:

  • Ujut. Universal cloth (turquoise) is used for general cleaning to remove various kinds of dirt. ­ It doesn’t leave any no stains or lint and quickly leaves surfaces with the perfect look.
  • Ujut. Cloth for glassware is used to clean TV screens, ­monitors, microwave ovens, and optical equipment.
  • Absolute. Dish washing cloth (double sided): smooth side polishes the surface, quickly cleans and leaves no scratches and stains while the rigid side removes complex dirt, soot and sticky grease
  • Absolute. Corded cloth for kitchen cleans off any surfaces (even complex fat-containing contamination), ­including metal and chrome coatings. It doesn’t leave any stains or lint.
  • Twist. Scrubber cloth is made of a combined fabric and easily removes heavy and etched-in dirt from all surfaces.
  • Twist. Mitten for general cleaning is ideal for both wet and dry cleaning, absorbs moisture, dirt, and dust and helps easily access any hard-to-reach spaces and gaps.
  • Ujut. Delicate cloth is ideal for surfaces that do not require being moistened. It polishes the surface and works for jewelry and fashion jewelry, maintains liquid crystal displays and offers the gentle care for any house plants.
  • Screen. Tablet and monitor screen cloth. Its structured coral side removes impurities, and the smooth gray side eliminates residual static electricity, preventing quick dusting. The Скрин special microfibre on both sides eliminates smudges and scratches.
  • Ultra. Involver disk of a flexible form is convenient for cleaning inaccessible places, suitable for removing stubborn stains and grease.

You can make the activation easier!

Instruction for use

Use each product for the intended purpose.


Consist of:

Ujut. Universal cloth (turquoise)

Ujut. Cloth for glassware

Absolute. Dish washing cloth

Absolute. Corded cloth for kitchen

Twist. Scrubber cloth

Twist. Mitten for general cleaning

Ujut. Delicate cloth

Screen. Tablet and monitor screen cloth

Ultra. Involver disk


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